Building Control Applications

Below is an excerpt that is taken from a Building Control website.
“Where the Building Control Officer asks applicants to submit structural calculations in support of their building regulations application, those calculations can be approved quicker and with fewer problems by observing the following guidance concerning common issues.


Any beams must be shown on the drawings. Beams must be labelled to correspond to the supporting calculations. Most problems occur because checking staff are unable to relate the calculations to the drawings and see what loads the beams are supporting.

Drawings should show the direction of span for floor joists, the type of roof structure (e.g. trusses or purlins) and the types of bricks and blocks used.

It is essential that calculations are produced by persons having experience, qualifications and indemnity insurance appropriate to the complexity of the structure. The employment of a structural engineer is recommended. The author's name and contact details must be given on the calculations to facilitate speedy resolution of any queries. Calculations should be signed by the author." can provide what is required for design and submission to Building Control in total confidentiality.

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